Writing 3

The Saga










After reading the magical symbol you feel slightly light headed and when you regain consciousness
you feel as though you are looking through someone else’s eyes. The scene before you is of a large underground space, it’s very dark but some kind of fungus on the walls seems to illuminate it. The is easily the largest cavern you’ve ever seen.

As the viewer makes his way through the cavern you see that the people have made quite a home here. As he makes his way through you make out blacksmiths, armorers, homes, marketplaces, people selling drink, you even see someone selling long sticks with whatever the fungus on the walls is attached to it to act like a lantern.

The person whom you share this view with takes one of these improvised lanterns and makes his way
very deep into the cavern, after what seems to be hours he descends a very long, very dark staircase into the earth. You lose count of how many steps this person takes. When he arrives at the bottom there are more of the bushy bearded men waiting for him, they all bow when he comes to them, you hear him speak to them but the language is not one you’ve ever heard, very low and grating.

The men he meets with take him even deeper into the earth and after coming to a side passage way the viewer is met with a scene of amazing carnage a score of men like the ones you’ve already viewed lie dead in a large tunnel. Their clothes seem to be melted off of them, as is their weaponry and skin in most places. The very rock of the tunnel looks to have turned to mud around them and they are all in a quagmire in the mud. The viewer and the men who escorted him here exchange many words as they inspect the scene. They seem to be bewildered as to how the tunnel turned to mud as there seems to be no water anywhere nearby. The escorting men then begin to make plans to go deeper into the tunnel that was the scene of the attack to see where the attack came from that seems to have melted their brethren where they stood.

Writing 3

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