Writing 2

The Saga










After reading the magical symbol you feel slightly light headed and when you regain consciousness
you feel as though you are looking through someone else’s eyes. You are again in the viewpoint of the viewer but this time his viewpoint seems to change at intervals like you are blinking and looking on something completely different when the eyes open.

Once you get your bearings you see that it seems as though the viewer is inspecting different places. Each seems to be below ground in tunnels or large chambers. Each also seems to reveal the same thing, scores of dead Stone Men, most seem to have been melted and the walls themselves look to have been melted by some kind of green substance, in some of the scenes the substance still bubbles and the viewer once touches it with a gloved hand only to have the substance begin to eat through the leather.

The images seem to cycle through 9 different scenes and then begin back at the first, all are of the same thing in different settings. Massacred Stone Men partially melted in their armor with weaponry lying helplessly nearby. All of them seem to have been surprised as in some of the scenes you make out playing cards on tables or half full drinking cups still on tables.

Writing 2

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