Writing 1

The Saga










After reading the magical symbol you feel slightly light headed and when you regain consciousness
you feel as though you are looking through someone else’s eyes. The scene before you is of a wind
swept ocean, you are on the deck of a large wooden ship, the sky is laced with thunderclouds and the sun is casting a grey light on the angry ocean. In the distance you can see an island, it has many large peaks mixed with trees. You realize that while you can see through this person’s eyes you are just a spectator. When you try to change the view or to look elsewhere you can’t.

You can however smell the salt of the air, you can hear the beating of a drum below you and hear the “Whoosh” of what must be dozens of oars pulling the
large vessel through the water. Just as the vessel is about to make land fall the person who’s view you share turns to look back, the deck is filled by men as tall as he with large bushy beards and all are wearing black armor that looks to be made of metal but with the failing light and the motion of the waves it’s hard to tell, the viewer keeps looking behind and you can count at least a dozen other ships behind this one all are making their way to the same point.

Just as the ship slams hard into the beach and slides up onto it you hear a loud horn blast and a cheer erupts from all on board.

Writing 1

Sanctuary Saga Jyhazen