Travelers of Sanctuary

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Current Travelers

Name Class Rank
Yarrion Ilrese Paladin Captain of Travels, 1st Paladin
Biard Emesti Ranger Lieutenant of Travels
Elorosse Feldragiel Ranger Lieutenant of Travels
Firrian Tinvesy Warrior Lieutenant of Travels
Dar Tzaksos Ranger Dascal (Trainer)
Alanna Ancalime Ranger
Alidana Ancalime Ranger
Aranel Feldragiel Mage
Argus Kalgeros Monk
Bryna Cainon Warrior
Cyrus Cainon Druid
Ellimune Zhoend Mage
Gwyndor Monk
Malil Manatonk Mage
Rucryn Cherros Priest

Former Travelers

Name Class Rank Status
Ardon Tinvesy Warrior Deceased
Argus Kalgeros I Warrior Deceased
Clymar Cainon Warrior 1st Traveler Deceased
Dagmar Cainon Warrior Deceased
Dangalla Halindle Ranger 1st Ranger Deceased
Eldek Zhoend Warrior Captain of Travels Became Elder
Emmaline Halindle Bard 1st Bard Became Elder
Findecamo Ancalime Druid 1st Druid Became Elder
Kristos Cainon Ranger Retired
Ladriah Rosewater Ranger Lieutenant of Travels Became Elder
Luthien Telruna Cleric 1st Cleric Became Elder
Molfin Manatonk Illusionist Became Elder
Nienne Feldragiel Mage Lieutenant of Travels, 1st Mage Became Elder
Thovin Beestinger Sneak 1st Sneak Became Elder
Xeliu Monk 1st Monk Became Elder, Deceased

Travelers of Sanctuary

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