Last Haven

A starting off point for Travelers going into the wilderness and a permanent home for the Rangers of Sanctuary. It is self sufficient with a small farm nearby and has an area inside for a dairy as well as a nearby well.

Last Haven is a great place for Travelers to be themselves and to open up about what they see in the wilderness. There is always a fire going and non-travelers are not usually welcome. Last Haven is managed by Liris Telruna a Human Female aged 72 Winters. Everyone calls her, Mom or Mother. She is known for telling tales of past travelers and is always there to help when someone returns injured, she is very well versed in poultices and healing plants. She is the sister of Current Elder Luthien Telruna.

Last Haven also offers leather working for armor repairs and tools to sharpen or create flint weapons. Armor repairs are mostly handled by Malius Manatonk a Gnomish master leather worker.

Last Haven is currently the only known settlement on the wilderness side of the river.

Last haven

Last Haven Interior

Last Haven

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