Clymar's Lodge

A meeting place for Warriors, Sanctuary Guards, Rangers and Barbarians. Training can be found there in every manner of weapon and technique. Travelers use Clymar’s as a meeting place as well when they are in town. The lodge also serves as the Village’s armory supplying it with weapons, armor and repairs. Courtyard of Clymar's Lodge

The Lodge is a large two story building with a spacious courtyard for practicing weaponry. It is named for the famed Human Warrior Clymar Cainon, he was one of the original Shipwrecked and upon landfall was the first to organize the survivors and begin looking for shelter and food. He is said to have killed two large wolves with his bare hands and then afterwards laid down to rest and heal his wounds under the dreaming tree, the rest is now history.

The Courtyard has a large stone statue of Clymar wearing a wolf pelt and carrying a spear, all warriors leaving for the Reckoning are encouraged to pay homage to Clymar at the statue before leaving. Travelers are usually seen leaving offers to the old warrior before a journey as well.

The current leader, or strongest personality, at Clymar’s is Human Elder, Eldek Zhoend he knew “Old Clymar” and speaks highly of him. He is also the current Head of the Sanctuary City Watch.

Clymar Cainon Statue

Clymar's Lodge

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