Sanctuary Watch

The Watch in Sanctuary is manned by citizens, warriors and anyone who does not pass the Reckoning. The Watch is honored among the populace as everyone knows the land is still hostile and all it’s secrets have yet to be revealed. That is why upon entering service of the Watch each Watchman (or woman) is “given” to a family in Sanctuary, to be fed, boarded and clothed. This honor usually falls to the more well to do families so it’s not such a burden on poorer ones. This duty lasts for a year upon which the Watchman is free to return to his own family or stay on the Watch. After that first year he/she is to take lodging at Clymar’s Lodge.

Watchment wear black leather armor, carry a wooden shield and each one carries a short bow, short sword with a flint or obsidian edge and wears a helm. The shield is black with the newly minted symbol of Sanctuary on it, a green tree to symbolize the Dreaming Tree.

The current leader of the Sanctuary Watch is Eldek Zhoend. The old Warrior is getting up in age and is too stubborn to name a replacement for himself but Veric Zhoend, Eldek’s son has been slowly gaining more and more control of the Watch. No one says anything to Eldek as his pride would be hurt. Veric is a very capable warrior and good leader of men.

Symbol of Sanctuary

Sanctuary Watch

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