Rocor's Rest

Once a stronghold held by Orcs, Hobgoblins and Goblins and thought to have once be garrisoned by Stonemen, Rocor’s Rest was occupied by Travelers from Sanctuary in 97 Winters. The fortress sits in the split of two rivers which then go over a waterfall directly behind it. Bridges cross both forks of the river. The fortress has two levels, upper floors are able to house a garrison while the dungeon is used as a prison. Also discovered is a grotto far beneath the fortress with access from behind a waterfall and climbing down a chain to the bottom. It houses stone plinths which when utilized correctly convey various stories about the Stonemen.

Rocor’s Rest was named for a Centaur prisoner who was rescued from the fortress by the Traveler’s. Rocor joined the travelers in defending the fortress when the Hobgoblin garrison returned. He was killed in the ensuing battle.

Waterfall Grotto

Rocors Rest Prison

Fortress Main Floor

Rocor's Rest

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