A Celebration Interrupted


The day after Re-Birth was the traditional day of Reckoning for hopeful Sanctuary Travelers. All initiates were brought to the The Auditorium of the Eight to meet with the Elders of Sanctuary to be informed of the importance of Travelers to Sanctuary. Afterwards the 7 initiates were escorted to Last Haven by Firrian Tinvesy.

That evening each initiate went through their Reckoning, two of the Mage Initiates did not pass, Elliaith Shalira and Palinn Emesti. The remaining 5 did pass, they are Alanna Ancalime, Alidana Ancalime, Aranel Feldragiel, Argus Kalgeros and Rucryn Cherros.

Afterwards the new Travelers joined a large group of veteran Travelers to celebrate their initiation into the ranks. Shortly after the celebration was joined the guard dogs of Last Haven, Thunder and Lightning began growling at something outside. Investigations found Lieutenant of Travels Biard Emesti dragging a litter with the body of Ardon Tinvesy on it.

After he was healed of a crossbow bolt in his shoulder and gained consciousness back he told his story that he and Ardon were ordered by the Elders of Sanctuary to follow two Goblins that had been captured by Travelers weeks before. The Goblins were released in what was to look like an escape, and then followed to see where they would go. On the 3rd day out of Sanctuary Ardon and Biard were ambushed by unseen attackers while watching the Goblins setup camp.

Biard reported that Ardon protected him with his shield and in the process took 3 bolts to his body, he died shortly after. Biard was also shot once, in the shoulder. He carried Ardon to a safe distance, waited to see if they were followed, then fashioned a litter and dragged Ardon back to Last Haven.

That night the new Travelers were ordered by Captain of Travels, Yarrion Ilrese to follow Biard’s trail through the forest to the spot of the ambush and see what they could find out about the attackers. The group is to set out the next morning.

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A Celebration Interrupted

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