Yarrion Ilrese

Human Male Paladin, 6'4" Tall, 240 Pounds, 27 Winters Old


Yarrion Ilrese is from a working class family and is the first Traveler from that family. From a very early age Yarrion showed the makings of a great warrior. He was honest to a fault and always helped to settle disputes among his peers. He is a natural born leader with great vision and has a way of making a friend of anyone.

When he decided to become a Traveler he couldn’t decide between becoming a Warrior or a Cleric and he was well qualified for both. The priests of Vulera, Volkun and Vantas said that they had all been sent a vision the night before Yarrion was to decide, the vision told of a valiant Warrior that would lead the people of Sanctuary into a new Age of Discovery, that Warrior was Yarrion.

Thus he became the first Paladin of Sanctuary and was voted by the other Travelers as their Captain of Travels upon the official Retirement of Eldek Zhoend.

Yarrion wears white leather armor and a white cape. He carries a sword made of sharpened flint.

Yarrion Ilrese

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