Centaur Female, 6'4" Tall, 320 Pounds. 23 Winters Old.


Relisia is a native to the land that Sanctuary is on, she was found 2 Winters ago by Elorosse Feldragiel on a hunting trip. Elorosse reported that he was near a stream and heard a loud thrashing noise. When he went to investigate he found Relisia fighting to breath in the water, her hands were bound and the remains of bounds on her back legs could be seen. She had a very large head wound that Elorosse quickly bandaged.

Elorosse then brought her back to Last Haven where Liris Telruna nursed her back to health. Relisia remembers little of the events in her life leading up to Elorosse pulling her from the stream. She remembers being a captive of dark skinned creatures and trying to flee but that’s it. She can also remember being with her family in a large valley where there are hundred of Centaurs and a village.

Relisia currently spends most of her time at Clymar’s Lodge where at first she was met with curiosity and fear, but now has become part of the warriors group there. She also stands watches on the city walls armed with a bow and a wooden mace pulled from the stream with her.She is one of the better fighters in Sanctuary as she is stronger than all but a few people.



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