Elorosse Feldragiel

6'0" Tall, 160 Pounds. Elven Ranger silver hair, gray eyes.


Elorosse was the Oldest Son of Naitharar Feldragiel and Nienne Feldragiel. He was a very good Ranger and was becoming a leader among the Rangers of Sanctuary when he disappeared.

While scouting for a hunting party in the wilderness he did not return for the evening camp as was his tendency. The next morning some 4 miles from camp the hunting party found his sword, dagger and a boot with blood on it just off the game trail they were following. Sanctuary Rangers have found a fairly large paw print that looks like a wolf or a dog in the area, but it’s much bigger than the usual ones found so far.

Update Elorosse has been found alive but badly injured by a party of Travelers investigating the ambush of Ardon Tinvesy (Deceased) and Biard Emesti. Elorosse was found unconscious on the side of a river 2 miles south of the site of the ambush. The party immediately noticed extensive wounds on Elorosse the worst was that his foot and most of his shin had been torn off. The party healed him as best as they could and dispatched Rucryn Cherros with him back to Last Haven.

Elorosse Feldragiel

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