Dar Tzaksos

Human Male, 39 Winters, Head of Sanctuary Rangers


Dar is the current head of the Sanctuary Rangers, taking over for Ladriah Rosewater when she became an elder.

Dar spends most of his time training young Rangers, hunting and training hunting/guard dogs.

While Dar is mostly found at Last Haven he’s been spotted in the city fairly often lately as his sister, Xeliu has recently perished. The two were very close as they were both orphans forced to find their own way in the city. Xeliu acted as a Mother to her younger Brother.

Dar has managed over the years to continue the work of Ladriah in breeding local wolves to become companions for hunters and guard dogs for Last Haven. Currently he has a female named Rain, and her two sons, Thunder and Lightning. The three act as guard dogs for Last Haven and accompany hunting parties. Rain is currently pregnant with another litter.


Dar Tzaksos

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