Ardon Tinvesy (Deceased)

Human Male Warrior, 5'9" tall, 180 Pounds. 45 Winters Old.


Ardon Tinvesy is a Warrior Traveler. He is the twin of Firrian Tinvesy but is not nearly as reckless as his brother. Although Firrian has called Ardon timid, he is anything but, he is known among the other travelers as a shrewd warrior who cares for his equipment and comrades very much, he’s quiet but rarely makes mistakes of judgement and is always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Ardon has recently proposed marriage to Bryna Cainon which the Patriarch of the Cainon Family, Kristos Cainon has happily accepted.

Ardon was killed while on a mission to follow a pair of captured Goblins that the Elders let escape from Sanctuary. The plan was to follow the Goblins to see where their lair was. Ardon was tracking the goblins with Biard Emesti, 2 days west of Sanctuary the pair was ambushed by unseen attackers, Ardon managed to shield Biard but in the process was hit by 3 crossbow bolts and died. Biard drug Ardon’s body back to Last Haven.

Ardon Tinvesy (Deceased)

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