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The Symbol of Sanctuary

The people of the village of Sanctuary were shipwrecked on this mysterious land long ago. Most Elders believe they’ve been here for a little over 100 Winters. Where the original travelers came from, or where they were going is now lost. It is known that the original ship they traveled on carried 41 people, mostly human but with Elves, Gnomes and Halflings mixed in as well.

The first few years were rough as they had to re-establish life here, build shelter, begin farming and hunting. Before too long they began building a new civilization and have built beautiful structures out of stone, wood and clay. The only skill that seems to be missing from Sanctuary is Metal working. There were some metal tools and weapons salvaged from the shipwreck but they are now revered and only presented on special occasions. Being a inquisitive group of people there are those among the populace that have studied the metal weapons and feel given the right materials and tools they could replicate them, but so far no one has been able to find Iron, Steel or even Bronze to use in their construction. Weapons available to the people of Sanctuary are edged with flint and in some cases jade and consist mostly of Bows, Spears, Daggers, Clubs, Slings, Small Swords and Staves. Armor consists mostly of hide, padded or leather.

Gate to Sanctuary

Sanctuary is ruled by a small group of Elders numbering 8, they are picked from the oldest male and female Traveler in each Race, regardless of family. Once chosen they rule until death, their voluntary retirement or until deemed mentally unable to perform their functions as leaders. The Elder’s word is law and cannot be gone against. The Elders meet once daily and hear grievances from the towns folk, discuss matters important to the city and make plans. The Elders meet at The Auditorium of the Eight located in the northern part of the Village, it is the largest building in the town and can look down on the entire village.

To become a Traveler one must be deemed worthy by performing a right of passage, upon becoming an adult, called The Reckoning. The Reckoning is different for each youth, but once passed they are elevated to a higher standing in the community. While there is generally no shame in not becoming a Traveler, Travelers are looked to more than most citizens as they are considered worldly and wise. Once deemed a Traveler the citizen is expected to spend more time outside the Village exploring the surrounding area, hunting, protecting or making the village better for the rest of the citizens.

Traveler of Sanctuary

Sanctuary’s population currently stands around 150-200 people. With about 60% being human, 15% being Elves, 10% Gnomes and 10% Halflings the remaining 5% are refugees rescued from the surrounding area and are Half Orc, Centaur and Goblins.

The surrounding geography is hilly to mountainous. To the south of the Village is a large sea or ocean where the ship that brought the original Sanctuary survivors here wrecked. What’s left of the hull can still be viewed from the piers on the shore. Ship building is very basic in Sanctuary with the builders being able to make small river craft, skiffs and fishing boats. Nothing that can withstand the currents, waves or weather of the ocean.

To the east and slightly north is a large river that as of now only has two easy crossings. One is an area of shallows that the Elders of Sanctuary have deemed fit to have a small fort on the Village’s side of to make sure trouble doesn’t cross. The other is what seems to be the remains of a large stone bridge. While the road over the bridge has long since fallen into the river, the two towers that held up either end of it remain and a barge is roped in between them for easy passage. Guards are posted in both towers to make sure of who is crossing. The forest beyond the river is called The Dangalla Forest and is considered the frontier. This where the hunters and other Travelers from Sanctuary spend their time. It is named for the first Ranger to explore it for Sanctuary back in 27 Winters.

Sanctuary Saga

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