Writing 4

The Saga










After reading the magical symbol you feel slightly light headed and when you regain consciousness
you feel as though you are looking through someone else’s eyes. As you try to get your bearings you suddenly realize you are very far above the ground. While the viewer is standing on the what looks to be the deck of a ship as he scans his surroundings you see that he’s actually afloat in a large vessel that is somehow flying above the ground as birds do. The vessel has the below parts of a large sea going vessel but it is attached to something that looks like a large bellows by ropes. The back part of the large ship is a large fan that spins and provides movement.

As the viewer scans the decks you see a host of archers and at the bow of the ship is a very
large instrument that has what looks to be an arrow in it that is twice as log as a man, with a broad head on it at least three hand spans across. As the viewer scans the sky you are able to count 10 of these airships in the immediate vicinity. The viewer then looks over the side of the craft and far below you make out what looks to be a large lake surrounded by trees you can see the lake is fed by a river and has another leading out of it, from here the sun glints of the still surface of the lake and dazzles the viewers eye.

As the viewer starts to back away from the side of the craft a great clamor is made from one of the flying ships behind the one you are on board and as the viewer looks back you can make out flying below and to the left of the formation what looks to be a very large golden bird. The viewer begins to shout orders to the crew and the great ship begins to slowly turn about to face it’s bow to the on-coming bird creature. The creature is much to fast and before any of the ships can face it, it flies directly through the center of the formation and up into the air. In it’s wake the ships struggle to maintain control as the creature seemed to be hundreds of feet long and left an amazing wake behind itself. The viewer tries to watch where the creature goes but it disappears into the clouds an amazing height above the airships.

As the men wait they begin to circle and from one of the air ships directly across from the one the viewer stands on a large keening cry can be heard, the viewer looks across at a ship that appears larger than the rest and sees that someone on board has brought forth a creature that looks like the one that flew through the formation but much smaller and not as bright golden as the larger one. This creature is only about the size of the men holding it and it’s skin is a brownish yellow. The men holding it have it’s wings pinned behind it’s back and a rope around it’s neck. The youngling screeches at the clouds.

In a flash the larger creature is flying on the outside of the formation, it makes it’s way into the viewers sight and you can see that it’s head is enormous and lines with teeth that are as long as all the men on board the vessel are tall. The great wings beat the air and almost deafen all those on board as it goes by. The feet alone on this creature are as long as the vessel the viewer is standing on. The creature goes above and hovers out of range of the archers, in a booming voice it calls down in a language that seems to hiss and change to a multitude of languages all at once. It says, “You…stone men have broke the covenant of the Dragon Isles with your meddling ways. The Kings of The Realms of Men stated in the treaty that my kind would be un-bothered as long as we stayed on the Isles. Why have you come? Why have you broken a treaty old even by my kind’s lifespans?”

From the large boat that holds the smaller creature a voice booms out in that grating voice of these “Stone Men” but you are unable to understand what he says. He speaks for a very long time and all the while the other men on board nod agreement or snicker to themselves. When the speaker is done the large winged creature says, “If you Stone Men have decided to abolish the old ways and laws of our treaty, I hope you understand what you bring upon the lands of Man, Stone Man and Fairie Folk. While you may not remember the dark times, all of my kind do. Many died and all for nothing. If you leave this place now and return my hatchling to me I will not harm you, if you decide to stay, you will not all leave this place today.”

The speaker on the other ship calls back out to the creature and at the end of a shorter speech runs a long spear through the back of the “Hatchling” it screams once and falls lifeless. Before the small creature has fallen a foot a long stream of a green and yellow liquid springs forth from the large creature and as the viewer watching instantly melts the speaker on the other vessel where he stands, the liquid continues to melt the ship and within seconds it begins to break apart and “Stone Men” scream as they fall to their deaths far below. The creature begins beating it’s huge wings, which causes the airships to lose control and slide away from the creature. The creature then breathes again at one of the unfortunate closer ships, severing it’s
lines and while the bladder lets go and floats up the vessel falls at an unbelievable rate towards the ground. The creature screams in the air and quickly gains altitude, but this time instead of hiding behind a cloud she reverses and speed towards the loose formation of airships which are still scrambling to gain control. The creature flies directly at another ship and bursts it’s bladder and the deck of the ship below it to pieces as Stone Men jump and fall from it.

The viewer seems to have seen enough and begins barking orders at the crew of his vessel, which
shortly gains control and begins turning towards the center of the formation. The viewer orders a crew to main the gigantic bow on the front of the vessel. In this time the creature sends two more ships hurtling towards the ground, one by flying by close enough to tear the moorings off the bladder and the other by spewing the green liquid directly at the deck of the ship melting it along it’s middle.

The creature now comes in close to another airship and while the archers on board fire as many arrows as they can they all seem to bounce off her scales or stick but cause her now discomfort. By this time the viewer has gotten his vessel turned completely around and as the bow swings by the creature he screams a word out and they fire the huge arrow at her. The arrow flies across the chasm between the ships and buries itself just behind where the creature’s wing meets it’s body, the creature lurches forward and the working wind beats at the air furiously but isn’t enough to hold her considerable weight aloft. The creature clings to the airship but only manages
to overturn it and it’s occupants who begin to scream as they fall earthbound. As the creature begins to fall it’s right wing and arm detach where the huge arrow slammed into them. She screams as she goes down and the remaining Stone Men cheer. The viewer watches as the creature falls and doesn’t leave the side until he sees her lifeless form slam into the lake far below sending a geyser of water high into the air.

The Stone Men all come to congratulate him and slap his back.

Writing 4

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