Sanctuary Customs

Dress: For the most part dress in Sanctuary is akin to the Ancient Roman toga for males and females with leather sandals. This is only expected while in the city, once a person is performing their job whether it be farming, fishing or traveling the appropriate outfit is of course accepted. Variations are as follows:

Elders wear all white togas with a sash denoting what class/guild they belong to.
Travelers are expected to wear green togas while spending time in the city, they are also permitted to wear a sash showing their class.
Citizens typically wear blue togas or shirts under their togas that are blue. If they are a part of a class they may wear that sash or none at all.
Laborers or shopkeepers wear brown or off-white togas.

Jewelery: Many types of jewelry are worn, the most prominent are the emergence of House Pins, showing the symbol of a person’s house. Usually fashioned out of silver or gold (Some families have access to these precious metals from their ancestors from the ship) but just as well made out of wood or gem stone.

The most common adornment are the Embra Discs. Which are wooden bracelets worn on the wrists or upper arm showing standing in ones Class or Guild. As one advances and becomes higher level or performs amazing feats an Embra Disc is granted. Each Class has their own designs and they are much sought after, if a citizen is to be buried he/she is always buried with their Embra Discs. Stealing an Embra Disc from someone or wearing one that has not been earned is a crime punishable by banishment or death.

Sash Colors: Each class in Sanctuary has it’s own color sash that is worn with the toga of ones social standing (i.e. Elder, Citizen, Traveler or Worker). These are the colors that are currently represented in the Village. If one isn’t mentioned it’s because currently there are no people of that class.

Red: Belongs to the Warrior class.
Green: Ranger class.
Dark Blue: Cleric class.
Light Blue: Mage class.
Grey: Sneak class. (Rogues are called Sneaks in Sanctuary)
Beige: Druid class.
Black: Monk class.
Gold: Paladin class.
Purple: Bard class.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a certain class if it’s not listed, only that it is not known in Sanctuary as of yet.

Laws: Sanctuary follows a fairly strict “Eye for an Eye” rule of law. If someone steals from someone else they must return the item and something of their that is equal in value. Murder is never tolerated and when caught the aggressor is dealt with as close to the way they committed the murder as possible. The Sanctuary Elders rule over every proceeding and their judgements are final.

If two citizens have a blood feud or a very bad disagreement it can be deemed that it will be settled with weapons. This is called a “Blood Rite”. The fight is to the death or until the winner allows the other to live, regardless of evidence the winner is considered the winner of said argument. This does not allow anyone good with a weapon to do whatever they want, this law is only enacted when either someone is accused of a crime they cannot prove they didn’t commit, or when two people cannot come to a conclusion on their own. It’s rare that this law is enacted.

Monetary System: Sanctuary works on a barter system with goods and services being exchanged. Business owners are required to clothe, feed and shelter their employees. This relationship is taken very seriously and workers are considered a part of a person’s family in many situations.

Farmers bring in their harvest and it is divided among the business owners in the city to divide among their households. The Village also keeps a stock of food for lean times, salted beef and such.

If a service is promised and not delivered the offending party is brought before the elders for judgement.

There are no shops or a market in Sanctuary, goods are created and deals are made. The farms are currently keeping up with Sanctuary’s food needs but the Elders see a time in the near future when they may not.

Titles: The Citizens of Sanctuary have a system of titles that all use on a daily basis. There are 5 Titles that Citizens can have bestowed upon them they are:

  • Elder: Reserved for current and former Elders of Sanctuary.
  • Traveler: Reserved for current and former Travelers of Sanctuary.
  • Matriarch or Patriarch: Reserved for the current head of a Sanctuary House. Their can be only one Leader of the House and it is usually reserved for the Oldest family member.
  • Mother: Reserved for Women who have given birth to a child in Sanctuary. Mothers are respected more than the average Woman of Sanctuary as they have ensured that the people of Sanctuary will continue.

Sanctuary Customs

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