Heredity Rules

Heredity Bonuses

Our game is a game of family and houses. Your character’s family background and future could be in your hands.

The Matriarch or Patriarch of a family controls the direction a family goes in. This is usually the oldest member of the family. But for various reasons could be another family member.

The Family leader assumes control of what classes each new member of the family will follow, i.e. Wizard, Warrior. Each new baby in a family automatically gets a boost to whatever traits the child’s parent’s Class favored. For instance, if a baby is born to a warrior and a Mage, the baby will get pluses in both Strength and Intelligence. These bonuses are higher with Parents of the same Class. Also, the longer a family goes in the same Class the higher these bonuses get. So, if a baby is born to a pair of Mages, who’s parents were also Mages the bonus will be fairly high.

Serendipity Points

For every great deed a member of a family does to further his/her family’s standing in the community Serendipity Points are granted to the family. These points can be used for any new baby in the family at anytime. They result in bonus skills or feats for the character.

Family Member Control

A Player may assume control of any family member for a given session, some restrictions apply.

  • The DM must be told before the session which character the player wishes to control for the next session.
  • A Matriarch or Patriarch cannot be controlled, unless the Player was controlling them before they became the leader of the family.
  • Once control of a character is given up for another one, the DM assumes control of the character.
  • A character change can only be done if the character you want to switch to is present at the time. A Player cannot switch to a character that’s back in town if you are in the middle of a quest or very far from town. Think of it like a “tag” in tag team wrestling.

Elven Family

Heredity Rules

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