Family Trees of Sanctuary

Great Houses of Sanctuary

These Houses are considered to be the most influential in Sanctuary and to hold the most sway over the Elder Council. Members of these families are usually respected regardless of their actions.

House Ancalime House Manatonk
House Cainon House Tinvesy
House Feldragiel House Zhoend

Middle Houses of Sanctuary

These Houses were either once great and on the decline or were once low and on the rise. Members of these houses are treated with respect for those on the way up and varying for houses on their way down.

House Kalgeros House Petra

Working Class Houses of Sanctuary

These Houses are considered above the Lower Houses but just below the Middle Houses in that they are vital to life in Sanctuary and the services they provide are revered, but the House hasn’t done anything great as of yet to move it up the social ladder.

House Emesti

Lower Houses of Sanctuary

These houses are either Houses that through certain actions have fallen from grace or have yet to do anything that distinguishes themselves in the eyes of the populace. Members of these families, while respected are not looked to for much in the way of political power.

House Minla House Cherros

Zhoend Family Crest

Family Trees of Sanctuary

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