Calendar of Sanctuary

A Year in Sanctuary is approximately 204 days long. A year is broken into 4 Seasons of 5 Weeks, each Week having 10 days in it. There are 4 holidays a year at the end of each season.

The seasons are named (In order from the beginning of the year) The Waking, Solstice, Harvest-Time and Winter. Dates are kept using the number of Winters, for example a child could be born in “76 Winters”, and he/she would be “12 Winters Old”. While seasons are tracked and a specific date could be recorded, it is not the norm. Usually only the Season and the Year are noted, the same child above would say he/she was born “During Harvest-Time in 76 Winters”.

The following are the 4 Holidays celebrated in Sanctuary. Holidays are usually spent celebrating and most if not all work is put on hold.

  • Re-Birth: Celebrated at the end of Winter and the beginning of The Waking. Celebrations are usually a large feast to get rid of the remainder of the stores of winter. Ice candles are burned the entire day. An ice candle is a 3 foot long tapered candle that’s driven through the center of a large chunk of ice. As the candle burns it melts the ice, this signifies the end of the frozen winter.
  • Feast of Vulera: Is celebrated at the end of The Waking and the beginning of Solstice. A large feast is had, mostly of fruits and lite fair. Most families goto the surrounding country for large picnics and outdoor feasts. The custom on this holiday is to stay outside in the “Rays of Vulera” as much as possible. At night, large bonfires are lit throughout the city to represent Vulera’s rays.
  • The Reaping: Celebrated at the end of Solstice and the start of Harvest-Time. Celebration is a ritual sacrifice of a large stock animal to Vulera to thank her for a good crop, or beg for a better one in the following year. The Elders of the city also traditionally go to the fields and harvest the first crop of the season. Feasts are then had among each family.
  • Wintertide: Celebrated at the end of Harvest-Time and the start of Winter. A very large feast is had (traditionally the largest of the year). Fires are doused throughout the city (Except for on the Devotion Stand at the Temple of the Heavens) to commemorate the shortening of Vulera’s influence.


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