Rucryn Cherros

Male Half-Orc, 6'5" Tall and 330 Pounds. 19 Winters Old


Rucryn was found by a hunting party 6 miles from Last Haven. The story of how he came to be there is a mystery. He was an infant, wrapped in a fine blanket and whoever left him took the time to make a bed out of leaves for him.

Since the day he was found Rucryn has been raised among the denizens of Sanctuary. Early in his childhood he was adopted by the Cherros family, a working class family. He is currently studying to become a Priest of Volkun at the Temple of the Heavens. While his studies have given him some peace he is still tormented by his origins and is working on controlling his anger.

Rucryn passed his Reckoning and is now a Traveler.

Rucryn Cherros

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