Iluna Ilrese

Human Female, 50 years old, Mage of Sanctuary


Iluna Ilrese is the oldest child of Essrass Tinvesy and his first wife Daresse. She is an accomplished Mage of Sanctuary that also serves on the City Guard. She is usually found at the The Lyceum Magika or on Watch. Now that all of her Children are out of the family home and on their own she isn’t found there very often. Iluna met her Husband Konor on the Watch and the two have been inseparable since then.

Iluna is considered one of the more privileged Mothers in town as her oldest child Yarrion is the city’s first and currently only Paladin. He is one of the finest and most virtuous of the Town’s Warriors.

Iluna is considered the best Non-Traveling Mage in Sanctuary and is always ready to help younger Mages learn the ways of Magic.


Iluna Ilrese

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