Essrass Tinvesy

Human Male, 5'7" Tall and 178 pounds. 81 Winters Old.


Essrass is considered the hardest working man in Sanctuary. He is up very early and travels throughout the day checking on all of his sheep, shepherds and various buildings that do his bidding. Essrass is the Patriarch of the Tinvesy house and owns the Tinvesy Family Cottonworks.

A very shrewd man he isn’t one for wasting time talking to people that don’t have anything to do with his business. He can be very sweet when business is being done but once it’s complete he usually has nothing to say to you. He has fathered 5 sons and 3 daughters with two wives. His current wife, Dragha has been with him the past 12 Winters and is just as ambitious as he. His first wife Daresse died 15 Winters ago.

Essrass Tinvesy

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