Elil Cainon

Human Female Warrior, 6'2" Tall, 230 Pounds, 37 Winters Old


Elil Cainon is the First Granddaughter of the Famous Clymar Cainon and is a Warrior on the Sanctuary Watch. She is the Daughter of Clymar’s first Son Dagmar.

At 6’2" she is the tallest woman in Sanctuary and is louder and more boisterous that most of the men. She’s not above calling men out when they show cowardice or difference to hard work. She often takes part in duels with those she’s slighted, if only to the first blood or until someone is knocked out, she rarely loses.

Elil is the armorer for Clymar’s Lodge and lives there when she’s not on duty. She is able to fix any problem with leather or hide armor and is able to create it as well, she is also able to craft weapons from flint and jade. Elil carries her Granddfather’s Spear that has an Iron head on it. It’s one of two weapons passed down from the 1st Traveler and the two are the only ones that see regular service. The other, a sword, belongs to Elil’s cousin Bryna Clymar.

Elil has never married and when asked about it she usually laughs and says, “With this face? I scare most men that would love me!”. It is true that Elil does not have the good looks or temperament of most women, but the rumors around Sanctuary say that a man isn’t what Elil has in mind for a partner.

Elil Cainon

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