Bryna Cainon

Human Female Warrior, 5'7" Tall, 155 Pounds. 27 Winters Old.


Bryna is the Granddaughter of Clymar Cainon and is a Traveler. Bryna enjoys the life of a traveler and is open to all the wilderness has to offer. Many say she should have been a Ranger.

Bryna was recently betrothed to fellow traveler, Ardon Tinvesy but Ardon was killed recently in an ambush while on a mission for the Elders.

Bryna is unique among Travelers in that she carries a Iron Sword, the sword belonged to Clymar and is the only known Iron Sword to be actively used in Sanctuary. There are others but they’ve been stored in family houses or have rusted away from years of neglect.

Two of Clymar’s weapons were passed down, Bryna’s sword and his spear which belongs to his other Granddaughter Elil Cainon who serves on the Sanctuary Watch and is the armorer at Clymar’s Lodge.

Bryna Cainon

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