Avael Shalira

Human Male, 50 Winters, Patriarch of the Shalira Family


Owner of the Shalira Family Meadery in Sanctuary. Recently acquired land south west of the city to run a meadery for the citizens of Sanctuary. The Shalira family have been supplying the city with Honey and Mead for years, now Avael has decided to make it the family’s mission and is expanding operations. He currently has 10 people working on his lands.

Avael is known as a task master who does not tolerate laziness or complaining. He provides his workers ample food and great lodging but they are expected to work hard every day for it.

He is the Father of 4 girls and his wife, Avalith is pregnant with the couple’s 5th child. Jokes in the town say whenever Avael makes a great batch of Mead his wife is pregnant within a month.

Avael Shalira

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